Representation of the special committee of a non-U.S. multinational corporation in connection with a corruption, bribery, and FCPA cross-border investigation.

Representation of a former CEO of a non-U.S. multinational company in an FCPA investigation.

Representation of an amicus curiae in appeals to the D.C. Circuit, Eleventh Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court relating to constitutional defects in SEC administrative proceedings.

Representation of an investment advisor in an inquiry by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Representation of a former senior venture capital executive in connection with criminal and civil proceedings involving allegations of securities fraud, insider trading, and money laundering.

Representation of a prominent investment adviser and its principal at a three-week trial in a Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement proceeding alleging fraud in connection with the creation and marketing of certain collateralized debt obligations (CDOs). Obtained partial reversal of administrative law judge‘s findings. Continued representation on appeal from the SEC‘s partial affirmance of the ALJ‘s initial decision.

Representation of a top executive of a major corporation in an insider trading investigation.

Representation of a former chief compliance officer of a major broker dealer in FINRA and SEC investigations.

Representation of a prominent portfolio manager and investment adviser in a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation stemming from allegations of conflicts of interest.

Representation of a trader for a major multinational bank in connection with a multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction investigation, involving various U.S. and British law enforcement authorities and regulators.

Obtained a voluntary dismissal by the SEC of a filed action against a former senior executive of a collateral manager, involving charges of negligent fraud in connection with creation and marketing of a CDO.

Representation of a news publisher in an SEC insider trading investigation.

LIBOR-related representation of a trader for a major bank in a multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction investigation.

Representation of one of the world’s most prominent technology companies in matters relating to FCPA and compliance issues in Russia.

Representation of a major foodservice company in an investigation by the Office of the Attorney General of New York.

Representation of the CEO and chairman of a Fortune 500 company in a financial fraud investigation.

Representation of a former head of the audit committee of a Chinese company formerly listed in the U.S. in connection with an SEC investigation stemming from allegations of financial fraud.

Representation of executives of public companies in options backdating investigations by the SEC.

Representation of an airline executive in DOJ Antitrust Division’s investigation of price-fixing.